Mobile Phone Safety and Advice

Since the 1920s, scientists have known that radio waves can cause heating of the skin and affect cells in the nervous system. People working with powerful radio waves have complained of impaired memory and ability to reason and the loss of control over both body movements and heart rate. These observations form the basis of…

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Radiation Hazards

Mobile phones use 'radio waves' to transmit signals. Radio waves are just part of the 'electromagnetic spectrum', a map of all the energy waves that exist. The spectrum includes many familiar names, such as microwaves, infra-red and x-rays. The spectrum is divided into different groups according to the frequency of these energy waves. This is…

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What’s the danger with mobile phones?

Some arguments as to the possible dangers with mobile phones: Suggested Danger: Radio waves given off by mobiles can heat up body tissue, having damaging effects. Argument: Radio waves are not powerful enough to cause heat damage to the body. Suggested Danger: Magnetic fields created by mobile phones can affect the way that your body…

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